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What do the washing and laundry symbols mean on my South Beach products?

Read our guide to laundry symbols here


How should I wash my swimwear?

Your South Beach swimwear deserves special care. Find out how to wash, dry, store and care for your swimwear here


I'm confused by what all the different style names mean. What's the difference between all the styles of swimwear?

If you want to know the difference between a bandeau and a balconette, read our Ultimate Guide to Swimwear Styles here.


I need some advice. What swimwear styles suit my body shape?

We've compiled a handy guide to what swimwear styles suit each body shape, including what to wear and what to avoid. You can read it here.


Where can I find your size guide and care instructions?

We never want to send you something that doesn’t fit properly so we have a size guide available – see here.  The care instructions can be found on each product.  If there Is anything you need further information on please contact us or use our live chat to ask us any sizing questions and get a reply straight away!


What is your ‘Wish List’?

This is your most wanted list! We all know certain times of the month you are pretty strapped for cash but it doesn’t stop you window shopping! So if you do see something that you can’t afford yet – add it to your wish list and come back when you get paid!  You do have to be logged in to add things to it – just so we know who you are and we can save your items for you!  You can also share your list with other people via email – a lot of people use this at Birthday or Christmas time!


How can I search for items on the website?

If you can’t find what you are looking for or you are looking for something in particular - we have a search box at the top of the page where you can search away!


Can I use my promo code on sale items?

No unfortunately none of our promo discount codes can be used against sale items.


Can I use more than one promo code on my order?

Unfortunately not – only one promo code per transaction can be used, so pick the best!


Do you offer a wholesale discount for bulk buying?

Yes. South Beach is stocked at some of the best boutiques, leading high street stores and online retailers both in the UK and internationally.  If you are interested in stocking South Beach, get in touch now by emailing us on wholesale@southbeachswim.co.uk